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Display your book collection with pride

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custom built bookcasesYou have just moved into a brand new house of your own and there are quite a large amount of boxes that have been moved from one rental place to another, filled with books, Cd’s, DVD’s, knickknacks and many other items you have no idea where to put them around the house.

Unpacking boxes isn’t always a joy when you want to try to enjoy your new home. With limited furniture and cupboard space to store the many boxes, there are quite a few sentimental items you would like to put on display.

Some shelving or Bookcase would be the ideal option to store and display these important items.

Since your no handy person when it comes to fixing items to the wall its best to look for free standing shelves that can be moves from one room to the other until you settle in.

As you search for the book cases online, in a department store and any discount stores you cant seem to find one that would really suit your home décor.

Lets consider getting a custom made book case that would be simply perfect. Imagine being able to choose the colour finish, style of the wood grain, allocating the shelving to suit all of your valuables and also having the added bonus of having a bookcase unlike anyone else.

Choosing the option of a Custom-made bookcase would  certainly take out the stress of your valuable not fitting, the shelving not fitting in the area of your house you want it stored and having the finishing design being not suited to your home décor.

Embrace Unique Interior Design with Timber Furniture

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quality furniture melbourneMelbourne is a vibrant city known around the world for its excellent artistic sensibilities. Melbourne residents who embrace this identity have fun decorating their homes and offices in unique, beautiful ways. Among all the quality furniture Melbourne offers, tables and chairs constructed from Australian hardwood timbers are some of the most striking.


Timber furniture is a beautiful and practical way to bring the outdoors inside your home, office, or flat. A boardroom table made from timbers will keep business running smoothly while simultaneously creating a relaxed, organic atmosphere for clients and employees. Dining on natural hardwood is the closest thing to eating outdoors in the forest. Incorporating natural elements into your interior design is a great way to stay connected to the earth even while living in the big city.


One of the best reasons to consider timber furniture is that no two trees are precisely alike. The timbers from which your piece has been constructed are 100% unique. The grain, knots, and gum line patterns in your boards are like no other. Discerning customers for whom interior design must make an important statement to guests and clients will appreciate the unique qualities found in each piece of timber furniture.

When it comes to furniture Melbourne is at the top of its game. Timber furniture may only be one of many beautiful options, but it is an option worth considering for anyone who values quality and natural beauty when making their interior design choices.

Why Red Gum Furniture Reigns Supreme

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The vast continent of Australia is home to a wide variety of timber used for furniture and the building of homes. One of the most unique and beautiful woods is red gum. With a lovely palette of colors and grains, red gum furniture can spruce up any home with the perfect combination of natural wood and modern taste.

red gum treeRed gum trees, also known as Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, can be found growing along the Murray, Ovens, and Goulburn rivers on the Victoria waterways. Some trees are 100 years old, but their beauty continues to thrive. A benefit of this wood is its hardiness, especially its resistance to termites. It is a great option for building furniture and household items, as it is quite sturdy and resilient.

Another unique feature of this wood is its striking coloring. The wood reflects deep, luscious reds, while the intricate grains create stunning designs and patterns. Therefore, red gum furniture needs no staining or painting. The only thing it requires is a clear protective finish, or a natural oil application.

Due the hardiness, beauty, and diversity of red gum wood, it has become one of the most popular and sought after woods throughout Australia and the world. Any piece of red gum furniture is sure to bring splendor and warmth to homes or offices. This wood is a great choice for creating bed frames, dining room tables, desks, and coffee tables for homes and families around the world.

Choosing the Right Furniture in Melbourne

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If your house or apartment is starting to look boring, your furniture might be the culprit. Selecting and purchasing some new furniture might be just the thing you need to spruce up your living room or make your office look more professional. When choosing new furniture in Melbourne, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, figure out what your budget is for the new furniture. Keep in mind that construction techniques, type of wood, and unique designs cost more, but may satisfy you much more later on. Next, decide where and how the piece will be used. This will have an impact on the durability of the piece you buy. For example, a table used for eating meals every single day needs to be extremely solid, but a more decorative piece may not need to be as heavy.

tiles-224535_640[1]Decide what kind of wood you like best – there are hardwoods and softwoods, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Hardwoods like maple, walnut, oak, and mahogany are heavy and durable, but can be expensive. For more casual pieces, softwood like pine can look and perform just fine, and cost you less. Check whether the piece you like uses solid wood, bonded materials, or veneer. The latter two are inexpensive alternatives that may look cheap if not used well. Solid hardwood furniture looks great but can be more expensive and heavier.

Looking for all the up to date information on furniture trends in Melbourne? is a blog with over thirty years of industry experience and tips for people with an eye for quality.

Transform Your Space With Hardwood Furniture in Melbourne

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timber furniture MelbourneWhen you are in the market for new furniture for your home or business, you can find many different styles and materials to choose from including hardwood furniture in Melbourne. With furniture made from hardwood, metal, or a combination of the two, you can get the style and function you are looking for and have it fit the aesthetic of whatever room you are designing.

Many furniture manufacturers are able to help you design custom pieces to fit your needs, whether you are looking for boardroom tables or a child’s desk and most everything in between. With a quick online search you can find dozens of companies in your area or around the world who can consult with you to make the perfect piece. Most of the time there will be clear instructions on their website to help you get questions answered, set up a meeting, or even submit the specifications of the furniture that you need.

You can even find online galleries from different companies to help you choose hardwood furniture in Melbourne items that are already designed, but which will fit your space and your needs. The online galleries will also help you gain an understanding of the design capabilities and materials used by individual companies to help give you an idea of what is possible for your custom pieces. As long as you have a clear idea of what kinds of furniture you need for your space, you can find the right resources online for your ideal furniture pieces.


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